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Friends of Scenic Estate Reserve

Scenic Estate Conservation Reserve is located at Phillip Island Road Surf Beach.
Under the Auspice of the Phillip Island Conservation Society (PICS), we monitor and remove weeds, assist with new plantings, and provide community input to the development of the Reserve which is jointly managed by Bass Coast Shire Council and Phillip Island Nature Parks.
New volunteers are always welcome.


Our History

After years of community concern about how the old inappropriate subdivision was being degraded by 4W drives, dirt bikes, rubbish dumping and illegal camping, the area is now a well-established conservation reserve.
Locally known as “Chinamen’s Estate” because of the overseas’ buyers in the 1960’s it was once used as a dairy farm where all the native vegetation was burnt and cleared, they say that it burnt for days because of the peat content in the soil. During 2014 Bass Coast Shire Council, Phillip Island Nature Park, Parks Victoria, and the State Government worked together to develop this 28-hectare site of degraded natural bushland which was bought
back over many years.

Wetland 2020 September SER Open Day.jpg


The Reserve offers visitors a sensory experience in a natural setting. It features endangered grasslands and native coastal bushland and overlooks the world heritage Ramsar wetlands.
In the car park, the colourful art installation by local Artist DAK, has been made from materials cleared from the site. Follow the well signed trail and read the interpretive signage. Walk along the wide pathways which wind around stands of Sweet Bursaria, visit the boardwalks to discover flowering plants and grasses. Listen to the frogs in the formed wetland areas or listen to the local birdlife in the bushes. Observe the different plant communities and the most common plant species found there and enjoy the picnic shelters and viewing platforms.

2022 Sept 10 SER Coast.jpg

Get Involved

We welcome you to join our group. All ages are welcome

For membership enquiries contact:

Name: Phillip Island Conservation Society



Facebook: Phillip Island Conservation Society

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