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Silverleaves Conservation Association

Conserving Silverleaves

The Silverleaves Conservation Association Inc (SCA) is a not-for-profit community
organisation that works to protect and conserve the natural environment of Silverleaves.
This area, east of Cowes and positioned between Rhyll Inlet and Western Port Bay, gets its
name from the leaves of the Coast Banksia (Banksia integrifolia), which is a feature of its
indigenous vegetation. For over fifty years, the SCA has been contributing to preserving the
natural environment, indigenous trees and plants and the local habitat for wildlife and
working to rehabilitate and protect the foreshore and coastal inlet around Silverleaves.


More information on the SCA can be found on our website.

Silverleaves Conservation Association has their own newsletters archive, a source of past information and activities for the group.


Our Aim

The purpose of the SCA is to enhance community understanding of the need to preserve
and enhance the indigenous flora, fauna and natural environment of Silverleaves for current

and future generations of residents and visitors.

We aim to:

  • retain and enhance the natural environment of Silverleaves

  • provide advice on ways to create habitat for native animals and remove environmental weeds

  • conserve the foreshore and foreshore vegetation

  • protect and monitor wildlife

  • organise community working bees to remove weeds and plant local native species

  • keep the Silverleaves community up-to-date by producing a quarterly newsletter

  • serve as a forum for the Silverleaves community to express its views and be represented to official bodies

  • apply for grants for conservation and community projects

Our 2023 Calendar


Get Involved

You don't have to be a member to join in a working bee and there are no age barriers. You will be made most welcome and tools are provided. It is a great way to meet local residents and enjoy a cuppa and cake afterwards. See the calendar for upcoming dates.

Membership of SCA is open to residents of Silverleaves and anyone else with an interest in the area who supports SCA’s aims. SCA is currently run by a steering committee who can be contacted at

We welcome you to join our group. All ages are welcome. Annual membership is $10. You will receive three or four newsletters per year filled with information on local wildlife, advice on indigenous planting and weed pests, local environmental news and SCA activities.

For membership enquiries contact:
Name: Judith Bond (Secretary)

Phone: TBA

Donations are also welcomed to help with weed control, revegetation projects and newsletter production. They can be made by direct deposit to BSB: 633 000; Account number: 132 984 592; Account name: Silverleaves Conservation Association Inc. Please write "Donation (your surname)” if you are a member and would like to be acknowledged for your contribution.

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