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Our Vision

A connected community who respects and protects the unique and biodiverse environment of Phillip Island (Millowl).

Our Mission

To provide a collaborative voice for carers of the land through advocacy, education and networking to protect and regenerate Phillip Island’s natural environment.

Our Objectives

With regard to the environment of Phillip Island (Millowl), PILA aims:

  1. To come together with a unified voice and common objectives

  2. To promote respect, care and recognition of our unique natural environment by gathering, evaluating and sharing information and education with stakeholders and the broader community

  3. To restore, regenerate and rewild the land to increase biodiversity and healthy ecosystems

  4. To bolster the capacity of groups

  5. To acknowledge, engage and learn from the Traditional Custodians of the land

  6. To be a respected advisory and advocacy group with strong knowledge, skills and experience base

  7. To be a platform for a coordinated approach to Island wide environmental funding applications and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Terms of Reference

Action Plan

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